Beaver Uniform

The Beaver uniform is a turquoise sweatshirt and group necker, accompanied by pressed black trousers and shoes for official occasions.

Optionally there are activity trousers, group t-shirts and group hooded sweatshirts available.  We encourage Beavers to get a group t-shirt for the summer weather as the sweatshirts can get rather warm!

All profits from sales go to the group, helping us to provide the activities we offer.


The uniform for Beavers is the following, available from your Beaver Leader directly..

  • Maroon Beaver woggle – £0.25
  • Scarlet Group scarf/necker – £3.00
  • Turquoise Beaver sweatshirt (available in the following chest sizes: 24″, 26″, 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″) – £14.95

Optional Items


The following optional items are available.

  • Red group t-shirt (available in the following age sizes: Age 5/6, Age 7/8, Age 9/11, Age 12/13, Age 14/15) – £6.50
  • Activity trousers (available in the following age sizes: Age 5/6, Age 7/8, Age 9/10, Age 11/12) – £17.00
  • Red group hooded sweatshirt (available in the following sizes: S(26″-28″), M(30″-32″), L(34″-36″), XL(36″-38″)) – £17.00