Cubs are young people aged 8 to 10½ who:
  • Master new skills and try new things
  • Have fun and go on adventures
  • Make friends
  • Are curious about the world around them
  • Help others and make a difference, in their own communities and beyond

Every week, they gather in groups called Cub Packs to take part in lots of interesting and challenging activities – achieving anything they set their minds to, and having lots of fun along the way. A Pack may consist of multiple ‘Sixes’, with appointed ‘Sixers’ and ‘Seconders’ who will support and lead their fellow Cubs.

They gather in groups called Packs, where they take on new adventures and challenges, learn practical skills along with new disciplines and character skills perhaps. Maybe, you’ll even find a new hobby! It’s fair to say that no two Cubs are the same, and neither do they always share the same interests. So as a Cub, you’ll have the best of both worlds; you’ll be able to master your own hobbies and interests, while learning from others, as well as being able to share your interests with your friends.

Importantly, Cubs will have plenty of opportunity to shape their Scouting journey. Cubs will play an active role in planning programmes, activities and events, under the guidance of the Leadership Team. Skills learned as a Beaver will be taken to the next level and awarded with badges. You’ll continue to build upon skills such as First Aid, Paddle Sports, Navigator and Hikes Away.

We want our Young Members to enjoy Cubs, so there’s no expectation of you making your promise on day 1, but this is an important milestone in your Scouting journey. We welcome prospective members to attend our meetings for a few weeks until they’re sure that being a Cub is definitely for them. Once you’re convinced, you’ll make your promise at your investiture and your parents/guardians will take (another) photo which is sure to resurface on your 18th birthday!

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Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls